Here I am…butrfly

•September 27, 2009 • 16 Comments

I realized that I have a lot to say and yet maybe not the right platform in which to say it. Or I may have just grown tired of the platforms that I’ve grown accustomed to. The verbal. I decided that I needed a different outlet that didn’t require anyone else’s ears, understanding, or direct attention necessarily. That my thoughts could exists independent of those things, as well as, independent of even myself. They could have a place outside of me and anyone else.

Yet I hope that they do still reach someone out there. That is truth, no doubt. Or else I would strictly be journaling right now instead, I suppose.

In either case, I wanted the opportunity to express myself thoughtfully, with purpose and passion. Or randomly with a total lack thereof, as I felt the need, at any given moment.

There are times when I want to process things of an energetic nature, when I am excited and exhilarated by new awarenesses. There are times when I want to laugh at my various observations of the world, and those things that I find hilarious.

Other times I want to reflect on my experiences and those of others, or times when I simply want to ponder all that intrigues me.

There are times that I’d like to challenge others and debate, or times that I want to bear my soul.  There are times yet, that I want to hide and be invisible.

I figured that this would be a good place to do all of those things. And hopefully for others to share in the experience along with me.

I want to talk about those things that uplift us, those things that plague us…

The importance of community, culture/race/ethnicity, history,  the inner-self, spirituality, the man-woman dyad, the youth.

And never to be forgotten, two of my favorite past times: music and boxing. ;D But also books and movies.

Knowing me, myself, as well as I do, it almost goes without saying….but I remembered: a strong focus on dimensions of consciousness and the mind streams, as connected to the Universal. Ultimately, beneath all of these things…the journey.

My creative expressions will be shared, as well, please feel free to share in return.

May we all recognize our inter-connectedness through the Law of One.



Beauty-full Tragedy

•October 29, 2012 • 1 Comment

Forever actually came

And became eternity,

Now ALL there is, just sprinklings of your stardust,

And I wonder if u actually, prefer your new identity….

This world couldn’t contain you,

Justifiable reality,

A must,

Call it a beauty-full tragedy,

Like night’s ability to overpower the Sun,

Can’t quite comprehend, the meaning, a reason,

Where there seems to be none,

Logic over e—motion,

But at the moment I can’t find it,

What are you supposed to do when the other half of your soul,

Of your mind

Shines so bright, that it leaves u blinded?

In ab-soul-ute Darkness,

Heavy and tremendous,

Feeling crushed under the weight.

Like my long lost twin brother been snatched…


Again and I left to decay.

But they took you, didn’t they?

As a blessing. A curse lifted, setting you free.

To walk alongside the other Hood Prophets,

Now and eternally,

No longer a journey for you,

Quite so solitary.

Your imprint forever etched, into my memory.

Love n Light….peace to that HP.

~BFG }i{

Logic Over Emotion

•October 28, 2012 • 1 Comment

(he simply titled it Emotion, this piece says so much, so perfectly)


That’S E—–motion

Energy influencing motion

In a Ocean of—

Blood, Sweat, and Tears—

Mix that with a little FEAR and you get—

My Insecurity Securing me—

Keeping me safe from the HATE

And the LOVE too

Cuz you know how LOVE do


Then find somebody else to give LOVE too

Fuck That—

Im Good…being Bad

My Hearts empty—

Its simply—

Beating to a different drum…

Im going numb…

I FEEL…I feel—

Actually, I feel NOTHING

But with that said…why do I FEEL like—

Im MISSING something

-Demetrius Carroll


•October 28, 2012 • Leave a Comment


this poem is very meaningful to me, it was written for me at a very dark time in my life….by my spirit twin, a brilliant man far ahead of his time, a righteous man true to his convictions, my reflection of Higher n Lower Selves thru time n space…im true-ly at a loss for words. this is a loss beyond measure, felt by many, the loss of a real Hood Prophet. thank u for your presence, your lessons (promise, i will not forget), and most of ALL your Light, Demetrius. ALLways in my heart, connected at the soul, intertwined in the mind, 3rd I n I divine. i will see u in the next dimension, next lifetime. namaste.

forever missed, never forgotten,
may he rest in peace n paradise into eternity. ♥

“Caterpillar- to- Butrfly:
Confused little caterpillar, navigating through the old tree
Navigating through the obstacles that come with the leaves
A gradual but sudden metamorphosis peeking over the horizon
Confused little caterpillar, clinging to those old leaves on that old tree
As the metamorphosis creeps into fruition
Once just a dream that grew into a thought, coupled with emotion, destiny, ambition
Manifested into a reality.
A reality cocooned into infinite potential
Wings await you dear caterpillar
You always dreamed of flying
Only stalled by the fright of heights
Until no longer the heights bare such weight
Confused little caterpillar, surrounded by a new nest
Burdened with anxiety, yet the energy of potential flows
Burdened by the memory of the obstacles among those old leaves
And that old tree
Soon to leave them where they belong
A distant memory…that helped shape the experience
Deep inside, little caterpillar longed to be a butrfly
O’ the heights it would soar
One with the wind, no more need for the obstacles
Butrfly you’ve become…Fly away little butrfly…confused no more”

-Demetrius Carroll

On Love And Loss

•October 28, 2012 • 1 Comment

as if it were the 1st SUNday,
i re-member we were supposed to do the spirituality every week…

so, meditating on love n loss. love n then loss, (love) after loss, (love) after loss, but still love withstands. they spoke no lie when it was said that the Lightworkers would be suffering great pain in the days to come. i re-member how i heard the many lectures forewarning me not to ever allow HUE-man emotion to overwhelm me, break me down, take me into the Darkness of my Lower Self….and still at one point, i came far too close. again i was led back to the Light tho, by the glow of a halo. so i rose like a Phoenix. altho somehow, im wounded again now, falling…

then i thought about how the Universe, they say, is mysterious. but is it really? or do we make it that way? when did we decide to close our 3rd Eyes? do we choose not to journey internally, in order to avoid what we may forsee? forsee and re-member… we choose to use only 10% of our maximum potential for safety purposes? unconsciously choose to stagnate the self rather than actualize, for fear of the unknown n because the process is so very challenging and painful? in a brief moment of clarity, I real-I-zed that the Universe offers as many blessings as it does curses…

i am blessed to have been offered real, beauty-full, pure, genuine, power-full love three times in my life. letting go of the 1st, longing for the 2nd….took me through some of my greatest struggles as a grown woman to present. n then the 3rd precious love came to me at such a necessary and crucial moment, in such a true, natural, open, giving way, that i gave thanks and praises and received it fully, as difficult as that is for me. little did i know how much i would need it to withstand the tremendous loss of life that has come to follow the loss of that 2nd blessing. so on this 1st SUNday, i recognize that divine gift within this beauty-full tragedy that is life, declaring my appreciation n offering my reciprocation, actively accepting both halves of the polarities as One. peace to that.

bless-ed be n be-loved luv’d 1s, remember to count your blessings, not just the curses. ❤


Full Bloom

•February 9, 2011 • 12 Comments

he loves me…..

just like the petals of a rose

he loves me not….

plucked away, one by one,

they wither and decompose

he loves me…

so much that actually,

he intends to preserve my scent

in a sweet potpourri

of those iris and dafodil petals decayed

he loves me not…

not enough, he’s too afraid,

to ever sacrifice his grasp on denial and avoidance

he loves me…

only enough to jeopardize his greatest opportunity,

all a matter left to chance

he loves me not…

despite my pleas and futile demands

he loves me…

as a simple memory,

one so faded its virtually


he loves me not…

and i experience this internally

as a feeling

from my pistil to my stalk…

and with that, the fact dawns,

i love him not…

no, no, wait…it’s, i love him not….

yeah thats what it is…

so i play my position

and make my decisions

allow my 3rd eye to guide my visions

no more asking permission

not another second questionin

assumin or wishin…


the only force strong enough

to crumble the walls

of even the most secure prisons…


•October 31, 2010 • 2 Comments

now is the time of my reflection. the time to stare into the mirror of i-self. and learn thoroughly the person who reflects my spirit soul….

like moolight which glimmers

off of the ripples of a lake, filled with the most joyously sorrowful tears;

a reflection,

same as golden beams that glimmer down on gardens,

blooming with unconditionally-loved flowers for many years;

no different than the faces of the “torn and confused,

wasted and used,”

staring back at me from a million angles,

through the scattered shards of a looking glass,

now broken and abused,

so i collect each piece with no fear of being wounded,

in order to,

put them back together into a cohesive, recognizable image,

a reflection,

of a girl i once knew;

like the process of meditating on cold realities and shadowed illusions;

on higher selves that ascend to greatest heights

and inner demons who seek nothing more than to impose intrusions,

leaving behind the deepest of contusions across heart

muscles in confusion;

a REFLEX-ion,

exactly like an involuntary response,

as that of a gasp for breath or a blink of an eye,

remember? that forgotten moment when time passed by;

like a patterned reaction, 

that remains automatic and unworthy of thought,

a reflex-ion…time no longer,

instead this time reflection will win the battle over reflexes

after a war, far too long fought; 

so now i reflect:

true knowledge, wisdom, and understanding,

that which can only be gained from experience;

love and light,

that sparks within my soul and radiates outward

towards a horizon, at a never-ending distance,

visible even on the darkest of nights;

logic’s perfect balance with emotion,

not at all cold, unfeeling, 

or apathetic,

rather simply feeling nothing more,

than my 3rd eye permits;

genuine receptivity as an infusion of femininity,

and yet an unparalled peaceful strength found in my vulnerability.

my reflect-ivity.

Memories Remain

•October 9, 2010 • 41 Comments

there is no starting point with this….i have no place to start from, in this lifetime of mine,
its as if my memory precedes itself.
stretching back to a place of darkness, where silence is the only sound.

but within this lifetime, memory has served me quite well. for i hold so many memories throughout my body. memories in my heart, in my mind, in my womb, in my soul.
memories on my lips, in my lungs, in my hands and arms, in my hair. memories thru my eyes.

memories that inspire me, memories that fulfill me, memories that bring me joy, memories that flood my body with fear, memories that anger me, memories that allow me to release long withheld tears.

and throughout time,  while it has been one of my greatest gifts, memory has also been a curse to me. for memories haunt me in my dreams. memories speak hard truths in the face of lies, even as a soft whisper in my ear. memories torture me at times, endlessly replaying for me, scenes of life.

there are even times when future memories come to me before the event has ever occurred, only to later revisit me once it actually has. a type of de ja vu, providing me with a sense of necessity and temptation. when in fact, i should have interpreted that memory from the future, instead, as a warning. those are the memories that have most often left me in mourning.

for what may have been lost, for the mistakes that may have been made, for the opportunites that may have been missed, for all the times i’ve wished,

but still it never came true. for all the times i have willingly played the fool.

yet memories also carry me so far away, travelling through my amygdala, to a far off, past time. a time when love flowed in abundance. peace bloomed around me, like blossoms of a cherry tree. a time when energies flowed like the Nile River, lapping at my feet on the banks with sheer bliss, but never ignorant. the greatest time ever missed, so often here, i reminsce.

a time when i lived a life, that eludes me on this current plane, in this present vortex of time and space. against this concept of time, constantly confused and always behind, we think we race. but really, we are all too often simply mislead and left dazed.

yet i have not forgotten and my far off reality is never doubted. for the sweetness captured during that very last kiss from my soulmate, lingers on my lips. the passion fruit flavored, neverending taste.

a memory that i can never forget. as generations pass, as my many lives die and are reborn again. forever, that kiss is the one constant. the most valuable and cherished memory of all, for it re-minds me of my truest nature and highest self. most importantly, my previous existence.

and just as there was no point from which to start, so too, is there no end….memories carry on, within me, though never with-out me.

these collective memories are the very particles that create the fabric of our universe, woven and stretching endlessly onward into eternity.

and i will be there to see, so as to imprint,

upon my memory.