Here I am…butrfly

I realized that I have a lot to say and yet maybe not the right platform in which to say it. Or I may have just grown tired of the platforms that I’ve grown accustomed to. The verbal. I decided that I needed a different outlet that didn’t require anyone else’s ears, understanding, or direct attention necessarily. That my thoughts could exists independent of those things, as well as, independent of even myself. They could have a place outside of me and anyone else.

Yet I hope that they do still reach someone out there. That is truth, no doubt. Or else I would strictly be journaling right now instead, I suppose.

In either case, I wanted the opportunity to express myself thoughtfully, with purpose and passion. Or randomly with a total lack thereof, as I felt the need, at any given moment.

There are times when I want to process things of an energetic nature, when I am excited and exhilarated by new awarenesses. There are times when I want to laugh at my various observations of the world, and those things that I find hilarious.

Other times I want to reflect on my experiences and those of others, or times when I simply want to ponder all that intrigues me.

There are times that I’d like to challenge others and debate, or times that I want to bear my soul.  There are times yet, that I want to hide and be invisible.

I figured that this would be a good place to do all of those things. And hopefully for others to share in the experience along with me.

I want to talk about those things that uplift us, those things that plague us…

The importance of community, culture/race/ethnicity, history,  the inner-self, spirituality, the man-woman dyad, the youth.

And never to be forgotten, two of my favorite past times: music and boxing. ;D But also books and movies.

Knowing me, myself, as well as I do, it almost goes without saying….but I remembered: a strong focus on dimensions of consciousness and the mind streams, as connected to the Universal. Ultimately, beneath all of these things…the journey.

My creative expressions will be shared, as well, please feel free to share in return.

May we all recognize our inter-connectedness through the Law of One.



~ by butrfly on September 27, 2009.

16 Responses to “Here I am…butrfly”

  1. Thoughts of a Butrfly huh? Well….Looking forward to that.

  2. what it look like Streetz?

    yeah gon n take a look around.

    thnx 4 comin thru n droppin a line. ;D


  3. Good reads…..Looking forward to more.

  4. What a beautiful treat. Youre very talented and generous to share these words. 🙂

  5. Zilla thanks for checkin out the site. its jus sum’n like a lil honeycomb hideout 2 me. feel free 2 look around n see what u might pick up. ;D

    Sofi thnx girl. i truly appreciate it n thanks for the motivation. i cud always use sum. thanx 4 the comment. 😉

  6. hey whats up,

    i like the way you write, you have cool talent. i am suck @ writing and expressing my thoughts.

    Victor M.

  7. Came through to show some love and to pose a question to you I have seen some of your comments on AHH and would love to hear some opinions from you if you have the time.

    • peace hiphophead4lyfe.

      thanx 4 comin thru. no doubt.

      true, i do frequent AHH. i feel as tho i recognize u as well.

      certainly, i can do my best 2 offer my opinions if u wud find it of use.

      tell me a lil bout urself,

      where u from?

      how old r u?

      male or female?

      so i can get an idea of who i am speakin 2.

      n we can discuss it further.

      alright fa sho.

      peace n paradise, luv n light.

  8. Madame butterfly thanks for responding work keeps me busy so sorry for the slow response let’s see I’m male, 40ish, from the midwedwest and a hiphophead lol I like skiing, raquetball slow walks LMAO nah j/k but yes would to hear your incite on this simple matter. peace

  9. peace hiphophead.

    not a problem about the response time,

    of course life requires much of us.

    ay tho lmao @ slow walks.

    that was funny.

    but sure i can offer u my perspective to what u have on ur mind.

    lemme know.

  10. Awesome! I love it. Keep it comin. I need a moment to catch up. Just caught your first post just now but I will read on.

  11. thnx 4 reading n the comment Maliha! yeah check around the site, theres all my poetry (even from back in the day), as well as, thoughts n observations ive come across more recently. i have yet to get like u n start on stories….sum’n has jus been blocking me, but its time 2 dead that. much love n inspiration awaits us, lets get it! ;D

  12. k… why i just found ya here?? i’m with maliha… now i gotta play catch up!!

  13. hi Bhudda Flii!!!

    lol u didnt know about this lil spot of mine?

    yeah i guess its pretty quiet around here.

    thanks for comin thru, preciate the comment 2.

    yeah check thru tho, i posted all kinda stuff in here so far. lol

    ❤ ya sis!

  14. Namaste

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