On Love And Loss

as if it were the 1st SUNday,
i re-member we were supposed to do the spirituality every week…

so, meditating on love n loss. love n then loss, (love) after loss, (love) after loss, but still love withstands. they spoke no lie when it was said that the Lightworkers would be suffering great pain in the days to come. i re-member how i heard the many lectures forewarning me not to ever allow HUE-man emotion to overwhelm me, break me down, take me into the Darkness of my Lower Self….and still at one point, i came far too close. again i was led back to the Light tho, by the glow of a halo. so i rose like a Phoenix. altho somehow, im wounded again now, falling…

then i thought about how the Universe, they say, is mysterious. but is it really? or do we make it that way? when did we decide to close our 3rd Eyes? do we choose not to journey internally, in order to avoid what we may forsee? forsee and re-member…..do we choose to use only 10% of our maximum potential for safety purposes? unconsciously choose to stagnate the self rather than actualize, for fear of the unknown n because the process is so very challenging and painful? in a brief moment of clarity, I real-I-zed that the Universe offers as many blessings as it does curses…

i am blessed to have been offered real, beauty-full, pure, genuine, power-full love three times in my life. letting go of the 1st, longing for the 2nd….took me through some of my greatest struggles as a grown woman to present. n then the 3rd precious love came to me at such a necessary and crucial moment, in such a true, natural, open, giving way, that i gave thanks and praises and received it fully, as difficult as that is for me. little did i know how much i would need it to withstand the tremendous loss of life that has come to follow the loss of that 2nd blessing. so on this 1st SUNday, i recognize that divine gift within this beauty-full tragedy that is life, declaring my appreciation n offering my reciprocation, actively accepting both halves of the polarities as One. peace to that.

bless-ed be n be-loved luv’d 1s, remember to count your blessings, not just the curses. ❤



~ by butrfly on October 28, 2012.

One Response to “On Love And Loss”

  1. That’s deep!! Can relate

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