Mind’s Eye Shine

Knowledge doesn’t cease

For a second,

It don’t sleep.

So I’m shedding my fleece

Like unblinded sheep

Grateful for my Sheppard

Leaving me bare nekkid

And exposed.

Not a trace of fear detected


To the wolves I’ve been thrown

Not a concern, in fact,

Hungry like a wolf,

At the very least

So I seek

Out an endless, gluttonous feast

Where the intoxication of insight and awareness


Where taste buds savor every fruitful aspect

Of knowledge and wisdom


Unto 2 my spirit soul.

Suspended in a timeless vortex

In between wormholes,

Of which to pick n choose:


To the future,

Allegedly still unknown

Traveling backwards from

The past,

I said,



From the past,

Only to be found sitting upon my throne

Spinning circles around present,

Where everyone knows everything

Yet none of it can be explicitly shown

Master of journeys

Related to time and space,

Never trekked so far and wide

As on the voyage into i-self

Across endless Saharan desert sands

Where the most unquenchable thirst

For knowledge was ever felt

Confusion sparked by a far off oasis,

Trying to convince me

Of nothingness,

As if a barren reality is all that exists

But I persist

To the Himalayan mountains’ highest peaks

Where the Most High left a fingerprint

Across my consciousness,

The moment I was reached

So I would always be re-minded

Of my identity.

At that moment I was free.

Tread through the widest plains and valleys

Stretched forever at my feet.

Also where I discovered paradise

And peace.

Rest from weariness,

Supported and cushioned

By cattails and honeysuckle fields,


Lavender lingers with sweetness

Levitation simultaneous


Of the physical being

Lifted by Blueberry buds made melodious

My perception piqued freshest

On through the roughest

Ocean currents,

Threatening to suck me down a whirlpool,

Still it was not a great enough deterrent

Fear dissipates diving nonstop

Into the deepest and darkest abyss

Of illuminated awareness,

An accompanying flash of panic,

A thought that I am going to lose my last breath,

Yet as well there’s a powerful


Truth and oxygen

Share in equivalence.

In time we all shall see.

Knowledge doesn’t cease,

For a second,

It don’t sleep.

So began the time that

Neither different should it be.


~ by butrfly on February 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “Mind’s Eye Shine”

  1. you went in on this one bfg, nice…Im feeln the picture also. nice addition.

  2. thanks HP,

    glad u got a chance 2 read it.

    lately ive been feelin really inspired 2 let the knowledge flow,

    inward n outward,

    u know what it is.

    the picture’s gotta nice lil context 2 it 2.

    1 that im very certain u cud appreciate.

    check it, here it go:

    “2012 infinite handshake

    As we approach Time Zero and the chaos that humanity currently faces distracts us from our divine preparation for the era of Aquarius we must all awaken to our higher light being astral energies. We are whom we’ve been waiting for, detaching from FEAR and embracing Infinite Love, Infinite Wisdom & Infinite Creativity is the key. Let go of the illusions of worldly attachments and prepare for connecting to the Divine Matrix of Cosmic proportions…Now is the time to resist Tyranny under all its guises, EVOLVE fellow sentient beings as the “Dark Rift” soon approaches.”


  3. You got to love it………nice!



  5. Zilla i appreciate that.


    thnx 4 readin it.

    glad i cud share it w/ u.

    thnx, how nice of u, Tybo.

    yeah i have done a few open mics in the past.

    i b a lil vulnerable wit it, its funny. lol

    well im gearin myself up 2 write sum’n more in depth right now.

    guess thas y i set this lil joint up over here.

    practice n habit.

    thought word n deed.

    also thinkin of putting an accumulation of my poetry 2gether 2 publish 1st.

    thnx 4 ur interest n support.

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