this poem is very meaningful to me, it was written for me at a very dark time in my life….by my spirit twin, a brilliant man far ahead of his time, a righteous man true to his convictions, my reflection of Higher n Lower Selves thru time n space…im true-ly at a loss for words. this is a loss beyond measure, felt by many, the loss of a real Hood Prophet. thank u for your presence, your lessons (promise, i will not forget), and most of ALL your Light, Demetrius. ALLways in my heart, connected at the soul, intertwined in the mind, 3rd I n I divine. i will see u in the next dimension, next lifetime. namaste.

forever missed, never forgotten,
may he rest in peace n paradise into eternity. ♥

“Caterpillar- to- Butrfly:
Confused little caterpillar, navigating through the old tree
Navigating through the obstacles that come with the leaves
A gradual but sudden metamorphosis peeking over the horizon
Confused little caterpillar, clinging to those old leaves on that old tree
As the metamorphosis creeps into fruition
Once just a dream that grew into a thought, coupled with emotion, destiny, ambition
Manifested into a reality.
A reality cocooned into infinite potential
Wings await you dear caterpillar
You always dreamed of flying
Only stalled by the fright of heights
Until no longer the heights bare such weight
Confused little caterpillar, surrounded by a new nest
Burdened with anxiety, yet the energy of potential flows
Burdened by the memory of the obstacles among those old leaves
And that old tree
Soon to leave them where they belong
A distant memory…that helped shape the experience
Deep inside, little caterpillar longed to be a butrfly
O’ the heights it would soar
One with the wind, no more need for the obstacles
Butrfly you’ve become…Fly away little butrfly…confused no more”

-Demetrius Carroll


~ by butrfly on October 28, 2012.

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