Each 1, Teach 1

it’s been brought 2 my attention that readers may like 2 pick my brain about various topics. im beyond honored, at the request. words truly cannot convey….so i thought it might b a good idea 2 create a section where readers who might come thru cud drop their own thoughts, ideas, creative expressions, questions 4 me n others, etc. please feel free 2 utilize this space as freely as ur mind’s eye allows. may we begin 2 recognize our connection thru the law of 1.

peace n blessings.



~ by butrfly on March 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Each 1, Teach 1”

  1. So the Q and A is yours? wasn’t sure and if so i’ll post my question there I suppose have a good day.

  2. nah hiphophead the q and a article up there isnt mine. its automatically generated by wordpress because it is either similar in title or content 2 this post or category i believe.

    i created this post under “Open 4 Discussion” in my categories, after u said u wud like 2 get my perspective, jus so it cud b more open n that readers wudnt feel as tho their expression had 2 coincide wit a particular piece i dropped.

    it doesnt matter either way. u can post where ever u feel comfortable, feel free. i hafta admit im curious as cud b now….lol like, hmmmmmm, what simple matter does he want my insight on?

    alright soon enuff.


  3. Easter blessings to you Madame Butterfly is there some place I can send you my email? If so let me know peace and love to you.

    • peace n blessing 2 us as well, hiphophead.

      i see an email address 4 u @ yahoo.

      i’ll send u a message there, if thas coo.

      n u can hit me back.

      have a good 1.

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