now is the time of my reflection. the time to stare into the mirror of i-self. and learn thoroughly the person who reflects my spirit soul….

like moolight which glimmers

off of the ripples of a lake, filled with the most joyously sorrowful tears;

a reflection,

same as golden beams that glimmer down on gardens,

blooming with unconditionally-loved flowers for many years;

no different than the faces of the “torn and confused,

wasted and used,”

staring back at me from a million angles,

through the scattered shards of a looking glass,

now broken and abused,

so i collect each piece with no fear of being wounded,

in order to,

put them back together into a cohesive, recognizable image,

a reflection,

of a girl i once knew;

like the process of meditating on cold realities and shadowed illusions;

on higher selves that ascend to greatest heights

and inner demons who seek nothing more than to impose intrusions,

leaving behind the deepest of contusions across heart

muscles in confusion;

a REFLEX-ion,

exactly like an involuntary response,

as that of a gasp for breath or a blink of an eye,

remember? that forgotten moment when time passed by;

like a patterned reaction, 

that remains automatic and unworthy of thought,

a reflex-ion…time no longer,

instead this time reflection will win the battle over reflexes

after a war, far too long fought; 

so now i reflect:

true knowledge, wisdom, and understanding,

that which can only be gained from experience;

love and light,

that sparks within my soul and radiates outward

towards a horizon, at a never-ending distance,

visible even on the darkest of nights;

logic’s perfect balance with emotion,

not at all cold, unfeeling, 

or apathetic,

rather simply feeling nothing more,

than my 3rd eye permits;

genuine receptivity as an infusion of femininity,

and yet an unparalled peaceful strength found in my vulnerability.

my reflect-ivity.


~ by butrfly on October 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Reflectivity”

  1. Dear BFG,
    It’s me, your ol’ pal Zilla….just wanted to say hi to ya. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that beautiful face of yours. Well, how have things been going for you? I hope everything aight. Me, same ol’ shit…..nah tolm bot….yeah. I saw you posted on today, so i clicked the link. Anyways…..see ya when I see ya.

  2. lol @ “Dear BFG,”

    whassup Zilla?

    thank you for saying “hi”

    thats peace. hi to you.

    ive been cool, thanks for checkin up.

    hope u are doing good too.

    yeah ive come thru AHH a few times to say a lil sum’n.

    thanks for coming thru here. nice of you.

    alright see ya.

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