Beauty-full Tragedy

Forever actually came

And became eternity,

Now ALL there is, just sprinklings of your stardust,

And I wonder if u actually, prefer your new identity….

This world couldn’t contain you,

Justifiable reality,

A must,

Call it a beauty-full tragedy,

Like night’s ability to overpower the Sun,

Can’t quite comprehend, the meaning, a reason,

Where there seems to be none,

Logic over e—motion,

But at the moment I can’t find it,

What are you supposed to do when the other half of your soul,

Of your mind

Shines so bright, that it leaves u blinded?

In ab-soul-ute Darkness,

Heavy and tremendous,

Feeling crushed under the weight.

Like my long lost twin brother been snatched…


Again and I left to decay.

But they took you, didn’t they?

As a blessing. A curse lifted, setting you free.

To walk alongside the other Hood Prophets,

Now and eternally,

No longer a journey for you,

Quite so solitary.

Your imprint forever etched, into my memory.

Love n Light….peace to that HP.

~BFG }i{


~ by butrfly on October 29, 2012.

One Response to “Beauty-full Tragedy”

  1. Eye overstand..HTP

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