Fallen From Above: Hear The Angels Sing

In my nightmares
Abruptly I awoke-
To find a collection
Fulla tears of woe.
Fell again
Inside my dreams
Fast, so very fast
That it slooowed
In what felt like a split second
And a million years

Fallen from grace
Like an angel
From Heaven
Through out space,
Floating without orbit
And yet in a calculated
Drifting thru eternal time
At the very steadiest pace
Ever known.

With detached wings
First it’s the
That tickle
My being.
Not interpreting
Sensations properly
Until that shifting
All of a sudden
Away fading…
My God-blessed voice to sing
Hearing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          In the background
Further n further near
From me
The Saraphs’ harps
And melodies

The sharpness of wind
All over the skin
Of my face
That of a mere mortal
So far less angelic,
Without the glow
Of my halo

“some angels yearn to be recognized but can’t bear to be exposed too long in the light they, themselves, cast over the human world.”


~ by butrfly on January 25, 2010.

14 Responses to “Fallen From Above: Hear The Angels Sing”

  1. Nice drop buterfly.

    As you already, I’m a fan of your poetry and I can digg this joint.

    Kind of somber but the word game is on point ma..

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read your jawns..Preciate that..I hope to hear more in the near future..


    – Tupacfan

  2. I like it. The last stanza is the best; it contains a good deal of charisma. Keep it up, luv!

    -Saint Sinatra

  3. ay sis thnx for ur read n comment.

    real talk i like this 1 alot,

    i jus read it again

    n im like yeah girl that go. lmao

    not 2 b like that, jus sayin,

    its nice 2 b able 2 feel good about ur work.

    u know that, of course wit ur writings.

    yeah guess i been on sum somber stuff lately,

    but as u know emotions are fleeting.

    this is jus a captured moment in time.

    in fact its already passed. ;D

  4. peace Saint,

    i didnt see u there when i was responding to 2Pacfan.

    thanks 4 the feedback.

    thas whas good,

    u liked the 4th stanza best.

    word up. thnx 4 that

    n 4 takin the time 2 read n comment.

    i was feelin kinda partial to 3rd stanza,

    jus flow wise,

    but i like how the ending came 2gether in last.

    it felt complete 2 me that way.

    seriously appreciate the detailed feedback/critique.

    mos def respect n food 4 thought 2.

    fa sho


  5. yeah, yeah, I’m feeln this “jawn” right here, sis. I gotta come back again and reread it when I’m not fresh off an all-nighter.

    it was real vivid, could feel the wind on your face, see yourself moving thru space/time, and imagine something angelic as u read this.

    lemme come back to this, butrfly.

    love ya sis

    • ayoooo, Dope sis, thank u for readin.

      yeah see if u can remember 2 come back 2 this 1 cause its a lot of symbolism in there, tried 2 get on my inner Toni Morrison. ;D

      thank u for ur feedback. its what a writer always needs, as u know all 2 well.

      luv u 2, always.

  6. By far, I think this is one of my favorite piece too, had me re-rading this a few times..

    Yea i know how that be, feeling good about your work.. Glad you could share that with us.

    I got some new material in WTE too, whenever you feel the urge to read just pop on thru..

    • 2Pacfan,

      thank u 4 takin that time

      2 read btwn the lines.

      thas respect.

      yeah ima check WTE, i havent been thru in hella long

      n not since they opened the community back up.

      ima check 4 u n drop a link 2.

      who still b around?

      VSOP? Shimie? who else?


      • No doubt buterfly

        No VSOP, No Shimmie, just Real poet came thru once, ya future father been droping some heat like always.. and some other new folks I ain’t familiar with..

        But yea when you get the chance come visit lol.

        Peace Out!

  7. I am really appreciative of your opetic voice. I have been stuck in this winter season of writing for a few years now so I am always amazed when I read a piece that just flows through me. In the second stanza, it’s as if you captured my raw wmotions. Keep writing sis.

  8. thank u for the read n comment Openeyes.

    its greatly appreciated.

    im glad this piece resonated wit u,

    flowed thru u, it means a lot,

    as i jus let it flow out of me.

    u made me hafta go back n check the 2nd stanza again. lol

    u know sumtimes Winters b extra long, but necessary 2. so keep writing thru it 2 pull u thru, n document ur process.

    id luv 2 read ur work as well.

    the Ill Community has a forum called “Waiting To Exhale” where a lot of writers n artists post there work, in case ur interested.

    peace 2 u.

  9. 2Pacfan

    dang, VSOP n Shimmie cut?

    thas messed up.

    well ima come check 4 u regardless sis.

    see whas good w/ u. n Ya Future Father.

    u know idk if i told u this b4,

    but u’ve come quite a long way wit ur writing.

    proud of u.

    keep that shit flowin.

    luv n light

    • Aye sis,

      yup no VSOP or shimmie. Shit is kinda stall around those ways..

      But some of the new folks makin noise. but nothing the like without VSOP or shimmie..

      Yea come check it out, been writing so much. Their’s actually 2 more i just posted today. Some just speak on some shit i ain’t speak on for years. There’s silence, unseen time, not ready to die yet, and Navajo person. And a whole gang of personal ones that’ i ain’t share with the site.

      Why thank you, I appreciate that you recognize how far I’ve come along with my literate material. Member, if it wasn’t for your inspiration to pick up the pen again, i wouldn’t be writing so thanks to you, as i’ve stated numerouse times, and I’m glad I make you proud! that’s what’s up..

      Peace Out!

  10. dang i miss VSOP n Shimmie, 2Pacfan.

    i think they’ll b back tho sooner or later.

    they got 2.

    yeah ima mos def come thru WTE n leave u sum comments.

    fa sho sis.

    u prolly never know how deep it is 2 me, that i help encourage u 2 write.

    so u never hafta thank me, its my honor, fa real. n i am proud. keep it flowin.

    u b well n @ peace

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