Am a
Who was once encased
In a ghetto cocoon.
I was trapped,
Couldn’t get out.
Actually, I really didn’t want to.
Until I realized
The condition of being
Imprisoned by my own
Comfort zone.
Then a desire grew,
Which turned into
A need full blown.

I began to struggle,
Began to fight
Against my stifling
Trying to strengthen and spread
My newly formed
If I could only just make
The slightest crack
In that rock hard
No longer could I be
Deemed as less than,
As unworthy,
Or inferior.

I was once a hardened,
Undeveloped little seed.
I’ve grown so much,
Into what I parallel as a beautiful,
Weeping Willow tree.
I sway back and forth during the most
turbulent of storms, yet through it all
I stand.
And many a night,
I shed tears
Feeling as though my heart was torn
From my trunk
Left to dissolve away
In the surrounding puddles.
Never has there been a time
When my emotions were very subtle.

I was once a tigress,
Held in captivity
For the viewing pleasure
Of the public.
But they didn’t see me.
Though powerful and
Vicious, also
Graceful and ever so

My future was of no consequence.
I would simply be yet another
In a concrete jungle
Whose words
Would never be heard.
The consideration that
I may be suffering,
Obviously absurd.

But I broke free
From my cage,
Broke each bar down
One by one.

Grew taller with every
And blessed golden ray
That shone down from
The sun.

I evolved over time,
Underwent a
Difficult as it was.
I guess it’s true what they say,
“Ignorace is bliss.”
From a content,
If unaware, little caterpillar
To emerge from my shell.
As majestic,
Full grown,
Feeling alive and free.
I’ve escaped from my own
Self-imposed Hell.
So remember well,
Keep this in mind,
As I flutter by,
I am now
A butterfly.


~ by butrfly on December 22, 2009.

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