To Become A Poet

I’ve decided
To become a poet
Because my mind’s eye flies
Way up high
Above these streets
in the sky.
It’s been that way
Since the day of my birth
It’ll be that way
‘Til the day that I die.
The urgency
To spit this intellectual,
overwhelmes me and pulsates
throughout my body.
And I realize
I didn’t totally decide
To become a poet.

I desire
To become a poet
It means many things to me.
Consciously stating,
“I embrace this
Admirable, creative, wise,
Analytically unique
However, there is no real way
To categorize a poet.
For each one is an eccentric being,
And all others who encounter them,
Know it.
Using my intellect to build
And express
My perspective of
Our world,
And reality.
I feel complete.
I realize now that
I can desire to become a poet,
Without insecurity.

I’m supposed
To become a poet.
I believe it’s my
It seems that it’s been so long
Since those days when I
Ran the streets.
Day to night,
Night to day.
That continuous marathon that
Led me astray, from
My true path through this lifetime.
At that point,
I couldn’t see the label of poet
As one I could embrace as mine.
“Ain’t no poets like me”
So I wasn’t a poet,
Back then.
I just wrote poetry.
Nowadays, I am more aware
It’s my responsibility to
Open up and share
My thoughts,
I can’t be nothing more
than what it is I am.
I’m supposed
To become a poet.
That’s whether I decide or desire
Or not.
Now I understand.



~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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