To Be Continued….

Such a shame,
We can’t be…
Had plans to know you
Through all the triumphs, struggles,
And pain.
But now it’s like I never
Knew you at all.
Speaking like neighbors in passing,
Rushing to escape pouring rain.
We tripped and stumbled
And were left separated
By our fall.

I wanted you
To be truth on my lips,
To be different,
So we could be the same.
To be pleasure coveted but without guilt.
To be passion that guides my hips.
Along to your heartfelt rhythm,
As I follow your lead.
While you fortify the connection
And define reality.
Exposing what has been long hidden.
Despite my fears,
I wanted you
To reveal me,
Desiring no longer to be invisible.
To prove me wrong.
Longing to find comfort
In what I call weak,
In what you call vulnerable.
To teach me lessons
I never learned.
Starving with visions of devouring your
Finding fulfillment as you feed me
Each bite.
And every time,
Feeling kissed by your enlightenment,
Guiding me through the darkest hour of
But now I have to let you go.
Our paths crossed,
Though weren’t meant to run parallel,
Like true friendships.
Nurtured and cultivated
Over time,
Encouraged to blossom and grow.

Yesterday, occasionally,
The sun shone
Through the clouds of apathy.
While today it’s been
Thunder storming
Clouds bursting with sorrow and loss.
Hopefully, tomorrow,
The sun will rise
With acceptance, understanding,
To shine on my face,
Throughout the day,
At least until it sets.
Evaporating any lingering traces
Of disheartened, mournful regrets.
Yet all at the same time,
Somehow, I feel this is still
Not finished yet…


~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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