Treasured man of my dreams.
Such a glow,
So bright.
Like the stars up above
That I wish upon at night.
Golden rays,
Of which you shine
Awaken me everyday.
The phrase, “I cherish your life”
Will never be adequate to say
Or relate
This love I hold for you.
It flows within my veins.
Your prosperity equals my happiness,
So they are one in the same.

Though I possess little to stake,
You are my one absolute treasure.
You are the most eminent being
In my world.
I pray for your spirit,
And future.
Shining is an act
You must eternally perform.
For, if not,
In my world there is no light.
I’ve found nothing more beautiful
Than you
When you’re in my sight.
The love of my life.
You will be mine.
For you,
I possess but one desire,
Please, my son,


~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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