Rainbow Bridge

Steadily fallin raindrops,
Turn to streams
Throughout the night,
Just like tears.
And though
The deepest wells overflow
Weaknesses remain unexposed
To other souls.

Soon their rhythm slows
To a light tapping beat
Outside on windows.
Then again, the pace
Switches up
To the intensity of a torrential storm.
Just like tides ebb and flow,
Emotions ascend joyously high.
Then plummet dangerously low.
Finding balance in the medium.

Essence purified,
Cleansed from the core
As the downpour washed
From within,
A divine channel.
The storm has passed,
Taking with it sullen memories
Much too difficult to handle.
Leaving behind
The powerful scent of new beginnings
Refreshing and
In the first light of morning.
Captivated by the caress of
God’s Sun
Against skin.
Making plans to unify with Him.



~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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