Progression Observed

That old man,
He knows my spirit soul.
That old man,
For many years,
He’s watched me grow.

Just watching my numerous
Daily travels,
Back and forth.
Going in circles,
Like a ship off course.
For a long time,
Not really going nowhere.
From spot A
To spot B,
And back again without a care.

Never saying a word,
To me.
Maybe just a nod of recognition
As I pass.
“How y’all doing?”
Out of respect, I ask
To the group of old men
Everyday in front the donut shop.
Never did he say a word.
Until there was another being
Added to me.
Only then did he encourage,
Me to stop-
My stroller,
Just long enough to admire
My precious, new,
Caramel-colored sire.

And soon that old man,
He watched the two of us
Before long, my little prince
Was alert enough to reciprocate that show
Of attention.
And he’d wave and smile,
Squealing and giggling all the while.

There was always a look of protectiveness
In his eye, as he looked our way
When we strolled by.
He’d nod as if to say,
“You’re doing alright.”
I would smile with pride, content that
Someone had acknowledged my battle
Through the darkness of night.
I always recall that:
Out of the darkness
There must come light.
I believe that, I really do.
That old man,
Whose name I never knew,
He watched us grow even more.
Noop up to five and me to twenty-two

But his gaze was much more from afar.
As we no longer:
Walked, ran, strolled, hiked, striked,
We finally got our own
Brand new car.
And two short years passed,
Without that old man’s
Watchful gaze.
Upon seeing him out of the blue,
I realized that during those
Distant days,
That old man, he was growing too.
Never before had he spoke,
To me, as he did
On this particular afternoon.

He had grown


He rambled on to me,
About having been sick and
Many other things,
Of which I have no clue.
But that old man, he does know
My spirit soul.
That old man,
He watched this
Mother and child grow,
From an adolescent girl to a woman,
Creator, protector of one.
That moment when my life
Had really begun.
That old man, I know his spirit soul.
That old man,
For many years, I have unconsciously
Watched him



~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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