Never Alone

Tonight, I’ll sleep alone.
And I’ll cry…in anticipation of darkness.
My only companion,
Is a selfish & demanding guest.
Attempting to smother and suffocate
Under his overwhelming
But he’s not intentionally malicious
Its really only because I reject his presence…
I know this because once I welcome
And allow him,
He becomes gentle.
I hold him close,
His head to my heart.
Wrap him tightly in my arms,
As his emotion
Penetrates my soul.
I do not resist his power.
I maintain my faith,
Even as floodwaters rise,
In the darkest hour.

As we are intertwined,
Indiscernible from one another,
I release and without fear
Swim endlessly, farther into the depths
Beyond the light’s reach,
With but a single breath.
Air is not what I need.
Awareness is the only energy
Of which my brain will feed.

And when I reach that place
Where I find the moment again,
Where I met him first, Lonliness,
Whispers in my ear…
And now he holds me.
In strong arms,
So close and tight,
With my head to his heart.
And the beat follows the same rhythm
As my own.
He welcomes and allows me,
Ultimately silent but my soul’s sorrow
And yet the sensation is one of bliss…
As he carries me back up to the surface,
I realize that he has freed me,
With his embrace and a heartfelt kiss.
In case I should ever again,
Fear his presence,
Instead I have a remembrance.




~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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