Mirror Image Part II

I love you.
For if I did not,
Who else could?
Or even should?
Words that I speak
Must always be considered

In you, I see:
That burns quite like a fire;
That flows much like a river;
Moods, similar to those of a raging tornado;
Though simultaneously as sensitive as
An endless love song.
The combination of all this only adds
to the beauty I perceive.

A valiant soldier warring
Against this harsh world,
Which encapsulates you;
Not very differently from the
Concrete walls that surround inmates.
At times filling you
With an immense rage
And hate.
Independent of others,
Except for a chosen few.
I envy your strength,
Although it petrifies me too.

It is my opinion that
You are special.
Unlike anyone else
That I have ever known.
No else has even attempted
To show me as much as I know
Of you.

To label you, for me
Would be almost
Impossible to conceive.
Yet it is necessary, at least,
To try.
I hope my attempt will not be
In vain, considering that there is no
Single name:

Best friend,
Healer: of mind and soul,
Soul Mate, and
At times, even considered
My greatest foe.

The question at hand remains:
Who could this be?
Who is this person
You dare to speak of
so freely?
The person that I
And yet believe in,
To this degree.
This person is but an image
In the mirror of the reflection
That I see.



~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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