Mine, All Mine

Unlike any before.
I do not plan to share
“Oooh” is the best word
I can think of to
Yet I feel it’s important to elaborate.
Mine, all mine.

A foundation for my existence,
As I am today.
Gradually taking one step at a time,
The same way,
Down a blessed path.
Filling me up daily with
Sanctity unlimited.
Satisfaction felt,
Similar to goods derived from
Sugar canes.
Words not necessary, so much.
For, I see.
My heart belongs to,
World revolves around.
Soul mate,
Partnership unparalleled.
Love, forever,
Unconditional to say the least.
Mine, all mine.

A fairy tale, come to life,
Fearless knight.
Rescuer from
The endless depths of sorrow.
Like powerful sun rays that struggle
But eventually win.
Shine through those dark clouds,
Filled to the rim
With drops.
Of rain,
Of tears.
Evaporate all the pain.
Mine, all mine.

Minus every pound
Of my heavy load.
Return me to my curious,
Infatuated state.
Feeling carefree,
Almost immature,
Like a young girl,
On her first trip to ecstasy.
Yet every single time.
Causing an unquenchable thirst.
Only gratified by one.
Mine, all mine.

Guarded innocuously,
Sent to slumber by your
Rhythmic beat, as music to my ears.
And still, unwavering embrace
That continuously refills
All that is worn away,
Day after
Relentless day.
There is so very much more
That I could possibly say.
Yet at this point
I believes it’s safe to leave it
Simply this way,
Mine, all mine.


~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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