Love Oakland

A place
once filled with nothing but
Trees. Where the Black Panthers
Rose up and
Regulated these ghetto streets.
Bringing free lunch
To the kids and black studies
To our CCs.
Ain’t never gave a second thought to
Other’s opinions of my city.

No matter where I go,
That’s where my heart resides.
My interpretation of reality
Is based on Oakland mentality,
In the same way that the moon
controls the tides.
I’m from the Town,
Ain’t no denyin’ that.
Been a witness to it all:
From death to drugs
To poverty and pain.
Daily struggle to keep from
Losing my focus, trying hard as hell
To maintain.

I done ran away
ON these streets. Tryin’ to
Find my own way.
Down for whatever,
No thought of or hope for
The possibility of better days.
Ran away searching
For some joy,
Acceptance, and connection.
I found it too. But
It was the kind that leads to

I done even ran away
FROM these streets.
Attempting to provide shelter from
And protection for our seed.
Hopin’ he’d never
Recreate the former existence
Of me and my king.
Ran away searching for peace,
Harmony, and positivity.
All I found was
A love for where I’m from
And where I need to be.

Ain’t no city like Oakland,
Ain’t no better place for me.
From my days as a young girl,
Those sunshine filled memories,
With my third eye, still
I can see.
Way before crack hit the scene,
Turning so many of our role models
Into little more than zombies.
My days as a teen,
Those hardcore 90s,
Claimin’ our turf gave us a clear idea
About our agreed upon identities.
Where we was going
And where we was coming from.
Or so we thought.
Back then I know I never considered
All I that I could actually become.

Funny how that happens
Out here, all the damn time.
Too many dreams deferred and
Potentials never reached.
Sometimes you can see,
But in reality you’re blind.
Yet and still,
This is my home from the flatlands
To the hills.
From the North to the West to the East
And back.
Only soldiers hail from the Town,
Now that’s a well known fact.
They can say what they want,
It don’t matter to me
I’m gonna maintain my pride
For my home and encourage the youngstas
To become
All that they should and all that they can.
I’ve exceeded my expectations, so
I’ma give back
To my beautiful
city of Oak-land.



~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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