To my people in the ghetto,
I got a question,
I gotta know:
Exactly why is it
We never support positive changes,
Always hindering abilities to grow?
Why you call that baby bad?
He ain’t nothing but one years old.
Labels become
Self-fulfilling prophesies.
What he hears you call him,
He shall come to be.
Only then, will you shift your
To what’s important?
It’s not what you think…
It makes my stomach churn,
A lump in my throat
That bullshit stink.

How come we grow up
Knowin way too much way too soon?
Is that because so much sooner
Than everyone else
We are bound to meet our doom?
Even if, that be case,
If that be plan,
That don’t mean we must cooperate.
It’s on us to take a stand,
In order to make change.
Instead of
Less than we deserve.

The Most High didn’t create us
For no other purpose
Than to serve  
As the visual representation
Of the underclass
On the channel two news
At ten.
For the white folks to see.
Tryna to make them believe
For those that don’t know
(“don’t knows”)
No better,
Ain’t never seen.
But it’s not just them believin’
It’s even some of us too.
Got us fallin for anything,
While standin for nothing.
Thinkin’ the worst about
Those reflecting me and you.
How do we break the chains
Of psychological slavery?
Better go ask Na’im Akbar.
Huh, waitin’ on the system to change
On it’s own cause you ain’t bout it,
That’s the same as wishin’ on star.

I worry.
I must confess,
I fear
For the future of my peers.
Why ain’t nobody willing to fight
As strong and proud as
Malcolm X?
If we don’t care enough to carry on
Do all those sacrifices become regrets?

To all my folks-
Are y’all listenin?
We gotta find a better way.
Even Tupac told us so,
Cause on Makaveli he ain’t said,
“Blast fa me!”  
He said, “Blasphemy!”
“Do what you gotta do,
But know you gotta change.
Try to find a way
To make it out the game.”

It’s all the same in the end,
That excessive shit don’t even matter.
Love or hate.
Lose or win.
Live or die.
Pick and choose,
The former or the latter.
Will we ALL have to suffer
Before we find our way?
I can’t take no more pain,
So I’ll meditate on it,
“And if you don’t believe in me,
Just believe in He,” said Mary J.
“If you look into my life.”
One day we gon’ overcome
All this discord.
One day an end will come
To all this strife.
But until that moment arrives,
That very second when
All of this reality,
Being all that it is,
Like a cloud of smoke from
A rented magician’s wand.

I’ll try to live a righteous life
Adding love and harmony
To my neglected community.
Many more blessings await
Once we have unity.
Cultivating seeds properly,
Paving the way for education and
Setting examples that represent
Both wisdom and knowledge,
Discipline and self-respect.
It’s not easy to accomplish
Or even to achieve.
Yet possibilities are greater than
One’s mind can conceive.

We’re bound to make a few mistakes
That should be expected, not feared.
I know we ALL are struggling
And what I’m asking is
A heavy load to bear, but
“Don’t gain the world
And lose your soul. Wisdom
Is better than silver and gold.”
That’s what Nesta say,
Truth be told.
And if we don’t work now
Will there ever come a day
To behold, as our own?
No, our battle will wage endlessly
On and on.
I dread the arrival of the day
When I’ll look around only to find
All my soldiers gone.
Stand up, people.
For one another,
Once again.
There’s still time
If we never,
No more



~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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