The clouds are thick and heavy
In the sky
Yet today, they wont cry
They defiantly refuse
Never mind
That they rest against a heather backdrop of gloom
Or that they are colored the darkest of slate.
Appearing emotional
Unable to contain themselves
As if any minute the dam will break
But it wont
Nothing more than a sprinkling of fresh
As well, nothing less

They don’t care that the Sun hasn’t shown his face
To them,
Instead they revel in his absence
Enjoy their power and strength from within
They know he’ll return eventually
For a moment or a season
Only time knows
They do know that when he is there
They are light and beautiful
And when he is not, they grow
Heavy and cry
But they are beautiful

Even when they release and shed their tears
It matters not
Their beauty is only intensified
As they ascend to a higher level
Fulfill their destiny and potential
And so it is, they carry on, as such
In a graceful, timeless union
Like a couple unaware
Grasping together in an eternal clutch.


~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Cumulonimbus”

  1. i just wanna make poetic love to u my sister, how about sum incestual seed planting?

    ok, im just joking

    unless u serious

  2. is that u Judah?

    thank u 4 visiting. ;D

    even tho u gotta problem……..

    incestual seed planting?

    u crazy as hell, but i guess we cudnt have it ne other way,

    now cud we?

    peace n respect @ the read.

    its greatly appreciated.

    feel free 2 look around, got a lot of different work posted up here.

    workin on sum other stuff as well. 😉

  3. no imagery anywhere. how am i supposed to connect to this when everything is based on abstraction. make it more concrete.

  4. thank u 4 ur critique “poetry”

    i appreciate the objective feedback, it can be very beneficial 2 the growth of writers.

    3 quick questions, hopefully u happen 2 see,

    do i know u?

    how many times did u read this 1?

    are u familiar w/ the term: cumulonimbus?

    thnx again 4 the read n comment.

    peace n paradise, luv n light

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