Reaching the middle of night
Time stretches ahead seemingly
Never ending.
Just as this path has,
So far, shown to be.
A future unforeseen.
This is a quiet place
And yet the loudest silence vibrates
The atmosphere.
Composing a sad love song
That only souls can hear.
It sings of both loneliness
And the sweetest memories.

Soon midnight dreams fill the scenery.

This is where the mind’s eye
Is vigilant and protective,
Almost combative.
Attempting to conquer confusion’s
Over the conscious
And so they share in an intimate dance
Each nightfall.
And tortured echos call
In response.
As there is no one to answer
Desperate pleas
For even the slightest ray of light.
To simply reflect
The brilliance that resides
Shrouded by willow trees.

Just a glint,
To attract a rescuer.
Yet there is no escape
From this reality,
Standing on sacred ground.
A necessary place to be.
The notorious fork in the road
Is looming up the way.
Just a glimmer of light
To somehow elucidate
The journey path
Just slightly.
To catch even a glimpse
Of what might lay
Ahead further down the trail.

But that is not what is meant,
Sifting through the dense,
Massive darkness
Is how this challenge must be met.



~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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