Crazy Love

Love ain’t really
Meant to be.
Not really.
Maybe in thoughts ideally.
I’m talkin’ about a love
Between a woman and man.
That crazy, desperate, I’d die without you,
Jealous, possessive
I’ll kill a bitch for messin with my man,
I’ll be
Your puppet, your fool,
Takin so much less than I give-
Type love.
That type that they say
Is sent from Heaven above.
That kind that makes you
Forget your family and friends,
Give up every inch of your pride,
Can’t sleep without em,
Goin’ crazy wonderin,
Imaginin what they’re doing for that second
That they’re not by your side.
Really that just sounds like obsession,
Playin games back and forth
Just to keep the other guessin.

That’s crazy love
That’s what I call it.
That love that turns for folks crazy.
Can’t find a bit of content,
Being so wrapped up in it,
Thrivin on the pain and insanity,
Hopin one day just maybe
Everything will turn fairytale and
Love will transcend the hurt and
If that day were to arrive, still no peace
Would be attained,
It’s really all due to one’s
Level of maturity.
Unable to see reality for what it is.
Love is just a trick.
Like the wishes from a genie,
You must be careful what you request,
Things often go awry.
Usually leaving one of the two heartsick.

But even in those cases,
And in cases where,
The love has sustained,
There’s often a cry of dissatisfaction
Simply because things have changed.
Maybe it’s just the human condition,
Never to be able to
Find complete happiness with love.
Maybe it’s really just a joke,
Cursed upon us from up above.
Made to encourage people to strive
Toward something that can never be
That’s just my point,
Love is not ideal,
It simply is what it is.
For no two couples will it be the same.

I recite this not
As a woman scorned, nor
As a lonely, cat lady
whose given up hope
As a broken-down
and worn-out cynical
Rather I am in love,
With a man and
I hold no romanticized expectation
Of how our thing should be.
So long ago, I too, was crazy in love,
Now my joy exists because I love him
Not only as my man,
But as my best friend,
My closest companion.

But still,
Love ain’t really
Meant to be,
Nothin more than what it is.
It’s up to you to embrace it and
Find satisfaction.
Or else risk forever-
Searchin for somethin that don’t exist.



~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

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