Always Will

The birds still chirp outside in palm trees
Each with their own unique song to sing
Carried on a gentle breeze
And the sun still shines
Strong and intense as ever
Whenever it so desires
To brighten up days
And allow the moon to retire
The stars still twinkle in the night sky
Encouraging disinterested eyes
To gaze upon them
Almost begging to be noticed
Burning on persistently
Against the backdrop of a charred landscape
Like smoldering embers of relentless fires

For so many walk with heads low
Weighted down by heavy thoughts
And so…
Don’t remember stars
Even their existence up there
Or hear sweet serenades outside windows
In the early morning, last bit of darkness
Neither are days brightened
Nor the moon permitted to rest
At the sun’s presence

A distortion of the senses
Eyes no longer attracted to the aesthetically beautiful
In fact angered at the very sight
Deafness brought on by the scream
Of renuminerating thoughts
Day and night
Taste buds
Suffer from an aversion to everything
Except crushed up
Blueberry-wrapped Kush buds
Also the only aroma tolerated by scent
While all else brings on a sickening clench
Solitude has erased any memory of or desire for
That of another’s hand
The warmth of an embrace
Along with any interest in even trying to recollect
On the feelings between two that are faced
Out of control, hurling through space
Trying impossibly to catch one of those
Attention-starved stars…
All the while separated by Venus and Mars

Life continues on forward
Ever so dedicated
And certain
Birds still sing when someone cries
The sun still shines after rainclouds run dry
Stars still twinkle in the lonesome night sky
No matter what
Even when a spirit dies



~ by butrfly on December 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Always Will”

  1. real sensual, pure, and in touch…reminds us to step out of our cubicles a bit…

    • thnx 4 takin the time 2 read n reflect HP.

      i appreciate it.

      yes, time n space persists.

      no matter what.


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